Tattoos by Matty McTatty

The Man

Matty McTatty is a nationally known and respected artist. He is the owner/operator at Engine House Tattoo located in Germantown, Ohio.

While he is most masterful at executing photorealistic images with flawless color blends, sharp lines, and a careful attention to detail, Matty works closely with each client to ensure that each tattoo flows effortlessly from paper to skin.

Matty is a common sight at tattoo conventions across the country where he increases exposure in his trade and competes with other top-notch artists for awards. In his career, Matty has received a multitude of awards that consume several walls at his studio, including 3 best-of-show awards.

Outside of tattooing, Matty can be found keeping his artistic nature flowing by painting. He works well in both oil and acrylic. Whether its large or small, his works on canvas are created with the same enthusiasm and experience that he puts into all of his works.

Matty is typically booked for several months throughout the year, so long waits can be expected if you plan to book an appointment. For more information on how to book, please email all requests for consultation to:


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